Farm and Agribusiness

Small Farms Insurance

Your farm may not be the biggest around, but it's more than a hobby — it’s a passion. Count on the SECURA Farm experts who know your world firsthand. As former farm kids, they have practical knowledge plus a wealth of experience about your insurance needs. Together with your independent insurance agent, you can rely on us — so you can stay focused on the work at hand.

Key Coverage Benefits

  • Agri-Protector Plus:
    • Travel Rescuer, our service that gives you and relatives who live in your household 24/7 access to medical, travel, and security assistance services when you're traveling 100 or more miles from home.
    • Increased special limits on household personal property
    • Extended coverage for household personal property while away from premises
    • Increased limit for tree removal coverage
    • Increased limit for water backup of sewers or drains
    • Increased limit for trees, shrubs and other plants
    • Increased limit for credit card, fund transfer card, forgery and counterfeit money
    • Increased limit for lock replacement
    • Civil authority deductible waiver
    • Mortgage extra expense
    • Crime rewards coverage
    • Financial institution vault coverage
  • Dwelling Extension Package Options
    • Refrigerated Property Coverage
    • Transit Coverage
    • Collapse Caused by Underground Water
    • Landslide Coverage
  • Household Personal Property Special Coverage
  • Replacement cost coverage for Personal Property and/or Dwelling
  • Increased dwelling coverage if at the time of a loss dwelling repairs exceed the coverage limit shown on the policy.

Ask your SECURA agent for more information or find an agent near you.